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Start October 1, 2020


> Course registration


  • You can register for a course online. After your registration, you will receive your access data by e-mail.
  • Access to the course is activated on the 1st of the following month.

Problems with the registration

  • Due to the many different web browsers and operating systems, there may be problems when filling out the form. To avoid problems when registering, we recommend you use Firefox (from version 3), Safari (from version 4), Internet Explorer (from version 7).

I haven’t received my registration notification e-mail. What can I do?

  • If you haven't received your registration e-mail, it may be in the bulk/spam folder of your e-mail account. Please check this folder first. If you don’t receive an e-mail from us within 24 hours, please contact our support team.

> Start date

When does the course start?

  • The course starts at the 1st of each month.

Is there a waiting list?

  • As the number of students per course is limited, we cannot guarantee that there is still a place available in the case of last-minute registrations. If a course is already fully booked, we will be happy to reserve a place for you in the following month’s course.

> Course Schedule

How are the courses structured?

  • Every month, we will provide you with a learning module containing theory and practice material. You will find the material in your online studio.
  • You can study on the basis of the course material and you can choose to complete the practical assignments.
  • Once you have completed an assignment you can send it to your lecturer for review. Your lecturer will evaluate your assignments and give you feedback.
  • If you have questions about the course structure, the course content or the topic covered, feel free to contact your lecturer.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the Audiocation VSL certificate.

Learning material

  • All of our course material is available online. All files you need to complete the assignments are available for download.

> Course duration

What is the duration of the course?

  • The duration of the course is 7 months and it is designed so that it can be completed whilst working full-time.

How much time will I spend on the course?

  • Depending on your level of knowledge, we recommend that you allow for 20-30 hours per month for the course.

> What is the price of the course?

How much is a course at Audiocation?

  • The price of the course is 149 Euro incl. VAT per month..
  • This price includes all services (course material, feedback on your submitted tasks, support, exams etc.). There will be no additional costs apart from the usual costs arising from communication charges (telephone, internet).

What are my payment options?

  • Payment by direct debit: This is the easiest payment method. After registration, we will debit the course fee monthly from your account.
  • Payment by credit card: After registration, we will debit the course fee monthly from your credit card.

> Support and Consulting

How, and at what times, can I contact Vienna TC?

  • You are welcome to send us an e-mail anytime.
  • Please note that we will not be able to provide you with general support on your software or hardware.

> Security

Cancellation and withdrawal

  • You can withdraw from the contract up to 14 days after activating the first learning unit (provided no VTC education discount purchase was made during this period). To exercise your right to withdraw from the contract, simply send an e-mail to our support team. Already-paid fees will then be reimbursed.
  • After the first 14 days have passed, further withdrawal is only possible after first 4 months of the course have expired (that is, withdrawal is possible for the last 3 months only). No such withdrawal is possible after a VTC education discount purchase was made.

Data protection

  • Audiocation takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. We do not pass on personal information from our students to third parties. Your data will be used solely for internal assessment and you will remain anonymous. You can change the public data in your profile at any time.

> Graduation and certificate

Your graduation certificate

  • Once you have successfully completed your course, you will receive your graduation certificate. The certificate contains a detailed list of the skills you have obtained during the course.


  • In addition to the regular certificate, you will receive an »Audiocation Web-Certificate« for the course you have successfully attended. You can integrate this certificate into your website and CV or use it as an e-mail signature.

Course start

October 1, 2020

Anmelden Vienna Training

149 EUR incl. VAT per month*

* Complete Course price 939 EUR EUR 1043




Participants will receive exclusive discounts on the required and recommended VSL libraries and software.


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