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Start October 1, 2020

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What are the advantages of signing up for Vienna Training Center?

First, Vienna Training Center (VTC) is constantly accompanying the development of VSL libraries and software. These new developments are regularly incorporated in course materials!

VTC participants are entitled to a monthly personal feedback on all their VSL related questions and exercises, as well as on their personal (not directly course-related) VSL work. This is for the duration of the course.

Two to three times a year, we make sure that VTC is updated with new bonus projects which are dedicated to specific aspects of VSL production work. These projects include MIDI, Audio & viframe files. Each bonus project contains a completely new VSL production for you to analyse, test and use as a starting point for your own production work.

As VTC alumnae & alumni, you are entitled to all future materials and bonus projects added to the course. This is provided free from any additional cost!

Here is a module breakdown of what you can expect:

Month I:

  • Understanding the musical parameters of the Vienna Instruments sample player. Working with patches and matrices. Settting up keyswitches and provisional acoustic space for practice on individual instrument parts. (Please note that this module is designed with a VSL beginner in mind).

Month II:

  • Performance shaping for string parts
  • Learn to use advanced VI PRO techniques
  • Create and use sequences in the Vienna Instruments PRO Players APP Sequencer

Months III & IV:

  • Performance shaping for woodwinds & brass parts
  • Introduction to working with Vienna Imperial and Vienna Choir
  • Bulding multi-timbral sequence instruments in the APP Sequencer

Month V:

  • Audiotechnical production work with the Vienna Suite audio processing plug-ins

Month VI & VII:

  • Spatial positioning of VSL ensembles and orchestras using:
  • Convolution Reverb
  • Hybrid Reverb
  • Vienna MIR PRO / MIR PRO 24
  • Routing and mixing with Vienna Ensemble and Vienna Ensemble PRO


Course start

October 1, 2020

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149 EUR incl. VAT per month*

* Complete Course price 939 EUR EUR 1043




Participants will receive exclusive discounts on the required and recommended VSL libraries and software.


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